Denna sommar ville jag upprepa en bild jag tog i Mexico för 8 år sedan, fest i Svenska förhållanden.

Äventyrsfotograf i Sverige – Slackline, SUP & free diving.


Split surface underwater photography with behind the scenes. Over-unders, also known as split-shots or splits, are underwater photos where half of the photo (the top half) is above water. They are often taken with very wide fisheye lens, in a large dome port, using a small aperture for good depth of field.

Big thanks to my dear friends @emmyjohdet@fridawestlin and Daniel who put up with my ideas. Also big thanks to @joelwestlin and @sandrakatarinamaria for land support. 🙏❤️

Photos taken with Sony A7R4 (@sony.nordic) and underwater housing (@ikelite) from Exposure Underwater @exposureunderwater.

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