Kickass photo #3 – The Ballerina

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As a photographer I often get the question “Which one is the favourite photo you have taken?”.

After thinking about it really hard I can’t say one favourite, but there are 8 photos out of the hundreds of thousands I have shoot that I am completely satisfied with.

The following days I will publish one each day and I hope you will enjoy them =)

I had an idea in my head I wanted to visualize, but I needed a ballerina or a dancing tango couple to do it. So I did what I usually do, sent out a request on Facebook and pretty soon I got into contact with Daniela, a Brazilian ballerina who has her own dance school not far from where I come from. We hooked up, did a test shoot and then a week later we did the real photo shoot. My aim was to capture something that you want to hang on your wall and here is the result.

Award: Top Ten Photographer – SquareSpace Featured Image Contes