Talks & workshops

Inspirational talk

Travel photography – 1h

About travel photographer Jesper Anhede

  • Commercial, documentary and editorial photography, videography and 360-VR.
  • Working on land, underwater, from the sky. Based in Sweden working worldwide
  • Multi-awarded in several international photo competitions.
  • Assignments for international organizations such as Save the Children, UN, Nature Conservancy and Sea Shepherd.
  • Published in over 500 articles including CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Huffington Post and Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Exhibited at the in Paris, Mexico City and Bangkok.


  1. Travel inspiration – 3 images, 3 stories
  2. Fly safe with your camera gear
  3. Backup on the move
  4. Photo kits of a travel photographer – from pocket size to the whole photo bag
  5. Tips – travel photography and storytelling

The talk is 1 hour and is followed by open questions.

The talk is in cooperation with Scandinavian Photo, Sony and DJI.

Practical workshop

The equipment for a film photographer – 4h

The workshop is for beginners who would like to learn how to film with gimbals, sliders, jibs and drones. You do not need any experience before nor any equipment. Come and try and be inspired.

  • The course is an introcudtion to:
  • Drones from DJI – Spark, Mavic and Phantom
  • Hand held gimbals such as DJI Osmo and DJI Ronin
  • Sliders and jibs from Ifootage
  • Sony cameras with focus on Sony A7R3, Sony A7S3 and Sony RX10 IV


The workshop is 4 hours and divided into 4 parts where each part is 1 hour. It will be both theory and practical exercise where you will get to try out the equipment.

  1. Inspirational talk – how I work internationally, with what equipment and example of different productions
  2. Work with sliders and jibs
  3. Work with gimbals
  4. Work with drones

The workshop is in cooperation with Scandinavian Photo, Sony and DJI.


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