This summer I have had the privilege to do be the commercial photographer for Göta Canal. Big thanks to all models helping out (usually my poor friends who must follow on short notice when the weather is perfect) and big thanks to the Göta Canal company for giving me an assignment like this.

I love late summer evenings like this, especially when there is a lot of particles in the air that the light filters through. Thank you @MarieMesi for joining me doing stand-up-paddle (SUP), even though you are afraid of getting hit by the passing boats.

The Göta Canal (Swedish: Göta Kanal) is a Swedish canal constructed in the early 19th century. It formed the backbone of a waterway stretching some 614 km (382 mi), linking a number of lakes and rivers to provide a route from Gothenburg (Göteborg) on the west coast to Söderköping on the Baltic Sea via the river Göta älv and the Trollhätte canal, through Sweden’s largest lakes Vänern and Vättern.

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