This is Walt. Walter is 54 years old and works as an international tax lawyer from San Francisco.

Nine years ago Walt went blind because of a rare genetic predisposition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. In 6 months he went from having full sight to 95% blindness.

After falling flat while crossing the street one day he decided to stop being a poorly functioning sighted person and start being a highly functioning blind person. From that moment on, things got easier for Walt.

This year he is doing a Swedish Classic which includes swimming 3km in an ice melt river, running 30km around an island, skiing 90km throughout the countryside, and biking 300km around a lake.

So next time it’s hard to overcome your limitations, think of Walt who’s blind but still see things very clear and just do it.

  1. Swimming practice in the apartment complex pool area.
  2. Portrait from Walt’s balcony.
  3. Training for cross country skiing (nordic skiing).
  4. Behind the scenes – 1 second before Walt punches me in my crotch.

PS. The text is from 2015.