Destination photographer & videographer for the city Hjo in Sweden


Destination photographer & videographer for the city Hjo in Sweden I have been taken photos and doing videos on assignment for the city Hjo for over ten years. Here are some examples of our work. Hjo is a tourist destination so most of the photos and videos are focused on tourism. This is an example of what you as a client will get when hiring me as a Municipally photographer Destination photographer Tourism industry photographer Governmental photographer For more info about Hjo, please visit   Similar clients Destinations, travel & tourism industry, tourism boards Hotel, amusement parks, national parks Travel agencies, travel magazines, travel books TV, Vlogs   My mission My mission here is to give the viewer of the images and videos the feeling of “I want to be there!“ enough visual information that they make the decision to book their trip To do that I structure my mission into the following subcategories that are based on how you as a destination should use the images and videos. The goal is to present the destination in the absolutely best way and still be truthful. If you promise more than the future guests will experience, it will be very bad for the destination as the disappointed guest reviews will start popping up.   Structure & categories Profile images These are the photos that work as an eye-catcher, that summons the most interesting things about the destination and is the door opener to the new clients. Usually, you need at least 3 to 5 of the profile images. If you have 10 days to cover a destination you should use at least 7 of those days for the profile images, and 3 days for the rest. [...]