Lucie Foundation is proud to collaborate with The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre to present a powerful photography exhibition addressing the causes and effects of global climate change from June 28 to September 2, 2018, at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Titled “Beyond the Air We Breathe: Addressing Climate Change”, the exhibition will feature over 100 photographs from 80 world-renowned photographers, showing some of the most iconic images of the effects of climate change in our world today.

The exhibition’s highlights are not just the stunning and heart-wrenching photographs but the amazing stories behind them from photographers whose passion for the preservation of our planet and determination to capture and transmit their visual messages can have a powerful impact on how we view our world.

Curated by Hossein Farmani (Founder and President of Lucie Foundation) and Susan Baraz (Co-Chair, Lucie Awards and Head of Judges for IPA) for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, it was also subsequently also shown in Italy, the United States, and Mexico. This will be the first viewing of these internationally acclaimed works in Asia.

The exhibition will also include the eye-opening documentary film Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul, written and directed by Sebastian Copeland, which follows Copeland and Polar Explorers guide Keith Heger’s 2009 journey to the North Pole in commemoration the centennial of the 1909 expedition. The film communicates a strong message about the rapidly vanishing polar icecaps and the severity of the global issue of climate change.

Susan Baraz, Co-Chair of the Lucie Foundation and curator, said, “Artistic expression may be individual, but an image can be universally understood and resonate around the world. The Lucie Foundation is honored to have been asked to curate and present exceptional images that transmit a visual message that can make an impact like no other medium. We have called upon renowned photographers who have dedicated their lives to documenting melting icebergs, drought, air, water, waste pollution and the undeniable effects these things have had on our planet. It is a condensed, compassionate plea, through their lenses, of the effects of climate change”.

Hossein Farmani, Founder and Chair of the Lucie Foundation and co-chair of the exhibition added, “These images may be startlingly beautiful, which can complicate the horrific message they convey, but look beyond the amazing artistry and try to understand the subliminal ideas within these framed works. Bravo to these brilliant image-makers who challenge us with their documentary record of what is taking place. We have been humbled by their clarity and consistent endeavor to keep shouting to the world to do something.”

“Beyond The Air We Breathe: Addressing Climate Change” will be on display at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center from June 28 to September 2, 2018 at the Main CC. Admission is free.