Under helgen 10-11 september på Såstaholms Slott i Stockholm tävlade jag i Svenska Mästerskapen i porträttfotografering 2016. Jag hade med 6 bilder varav 5 gick vidare till topp tre eller fick hedersomnämnande.

Jag är väldigt glad med resultatet, speciellt när jag som kommersiell fotograf, inriktad på destinationer och äventyr, nu tävlade inom ett nytt område. Jag är än gladare över att min favoritporträttfotograf (långt ord!) i Sverige, John Hagby, vann förstapris i kategori Porträtt. Hatten av till John.

Här är de bilder jag tävlade med.

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Neverstore is a Swedish punk rock band formed in 2000 in Skövde. 2007 and 2008 they won “Best Swedish Act” on MTV Europe Music Awards.

The first guitar that Jacob, the lead singer and guitarist, tried to play he borrowed from his neighbour on Orrelyckevägen in Hjo. And that neighbour is me.

A few years later I am their official tour photographer, sleeping in a crappy tour bus with these great guys and their team around Scandinavia. Crazy fun times =)

This is from a photo shoot for their album cover and promotion photos we did in 2015.

Big thanks to Zsuzsa and Siri for all the help and Kungsgatan 13 in Skövde for being able to use their kickass tattoo studio.

This photo also came in 2nd place in the Moscow international Foto Awards 2016 under the category “Advertising, Music”. The winner was a photo of U2 and the 3rd place winner was a photo of Taylor Swift. So my friends in Neverstore is in good company I would say.

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The photo is taken at J Bar L Ranch, www.jbarl.com, in Montana, USA. We had been out riding all day and saw another group of cowboys making camp. They were doing a real old style adventure, riding with authentic gear over several states. I was in a hurry to get home before it was completely dark, so I asked if I could take a photo of the man and his horse. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the quick snapshot taken in really bad light sure was something extra.

A year after this trip I won the Travel Photographer Awards with a series of photos from J Bar L Ranch. I am pretty sure this guy gave me the first place.

A funny side note is that because of the publicity in the contest, I also got into contact with a woman who know this guy and his horse. Dick is a legendary horse trainer and runs the famous Pieper Ranch in Oklahoma. www.pieperranch.com

So say hi to Dick the cowboy and Dottie his kickass horse.

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