Commercial fashion photographer & product photographer – Direkt Optik, European market


Commercial fashion photographer & product photographer for Direkt Optik European market Together with Ekermann advertising company based in Sweden, we have for the last years done the commercial fashion photography and eye-wear product photography for the European market for the optician business chain Direkt Optik owned by Hans Anders. Hans Anders has a total of 456 sales outlets in four European countries: 253 in the Netherlands, 105 in Belgium, 62 in France and 36 in Sweden. This is an example of what you as a client will get when hiring me as a Commercial photographer & videographer Eye-wear photographer & videographer Fashion photographer & videographer Product photographer & videographer   Typical clients for this kind of job Eye-wear industry Fashion industry Apparel & clothing industry The photos below have a quick post-production correction and no retouch since the advertising agencies usually like to do the final touch up.