Wedding photography

I am a international destination wedding photographer based in Sweden, working worldwide. Here you will see my portfolio, my wedding packages, prices and how I work as a wedding photographer.

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Wedding photo portfolio

How I work as a wedding photographer

I shoot with a mixed photo style during the day. This is not so common among wedding photographers but this is how I think you will get the best photos from the different parts of your day.

Some explanation in text and images.

  1. During the preparations, the ceremony and the reception I shoot in photo journalistic style (storytelling). That means I will be with you in the background the entire time catching those small magical moments that can not be prepared. I will not pose you or arrange you anything during this photo session. You will create those moments, I will catch them.
  2. During the wedding portraits I shoot in fine art style. That means I have prepared where we should take the different photos and I will arrange you and pose you for the best possible wedding photos.
  3. If possible I always also try to catch at least one epic wedding photo. This is an image that can only be taken when the light is the best. Usually during sunset in the evening. You will be the small detail in a vast landscape that creates that epic feeling. Or you will be a small silhouette against the fantastic sunset creating that fairy tale a wedding should feel like. This is the kind of photo you can have on your wall for many many years to come without getting tired of it. A regular wedding portrait photo can feel a bit out of date after a while.

Example from a full day wedding -from the preparations to the wedding waltz

Click here if you want to see photos from the entire wedding. Be warned though, there are a lot of photos!

Engagement session / Pre shoot

Engagement session or pre shoot? Same thing with many names. It’s all about taking some fantastic photos of you to start your year of wedding planning and to have a great photo when sending out “save the date” invitation cards. This is also a fantastic way for us to get to know each other a little bit before the wedding. Below you can see different wedding couples where I have first taken their engagement session photos and then photos from the wedding itself.