Press photographer & portrait photographer for Elaine Eksvärd at Snacka Snyggt

9789186969004_200_snacka-snyggt-modern-retorik_pocket9789113058245_200_snacka-snyggt_e-bokStockholm & Gothenburg, Sweden

This is an example of what you as a client will get when hiring me as a

  • Press photographer
  • Portrait photographer
  • Videographer

Typical clients for this kind of job

  • Artists, authors, celebrities, lecturers, musicians, tv personalities, CEO’s and other public figures
  • Book agencies
  • Content agencies
  • Literary agencies
  • Newspapers & magazines

About Elaine Eksvärd

Elaine is a Swedish rhetorical expert, author of several books and a public person often seen in tv, newspapers and in articles on the web.  She is also a rhetorical consultant and CEO of the rhetorical agency Snacka Snyggt that holds courses and lectures. Privately she writes one of Swedens most followed blog.


Below you can see the result from several photo sessions spanning over the years Elaine and I have been working together. It has been everything from book covers, press photos, articles, tv etc, to personal wedding photos and promotion videos (sorry, only in Swedish).

Behind the scenes