Camera gear for travel photography

For the curious geek, here you have a list of the kind of gear I use often. For compact travel gigs, I reduce the list of course.

Camera gear

Underwater camera gear

Aerial camera gear / Drones

Backup solutions for the traveling photographer


Internet & global telecom provider

  • Telia (when traveling all over the world and always in need of fast communications to deliver your photos and videos, a great service provider is crucial)

Camera bags, backpacks etc

  • ThinkTank Airport Accelerator Camera Backpack
  • ThinkTank Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag


  • Travel West, Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men
    Awesome vest for traveling and being able to put on all your gear, including a 17 ” laptop in the vest.
  • Spider Pro Camera Holster
  • ThinkTank ProSpeed
  • Kneepad
  • Maui Jim Spartan Reef Sunglasses (extremely good for water environments and mimics the polarization filter on the camera in an awesome way)