Life is beautiful and sometimes you just need to capture the everyday moments. This is a tribute photo shoot to my friends in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Being a photographer working world wide you spend a lot of time alone, but I rarely feel lonely. The only exception is when I stay at a hotel. So I always try to stay with friends instead of at a hotel, and if that does not work there is CouchSurfing which is really cool. I have had many CouchSurfers staying at my place and all of them has arrived as guests and left as friends.

The only time I have been doing CouchSurfing myself was two years ago when I was going flying in to Idaho and then driving to Montana. My company was arriving a few days later so I had some time to spend in Idaho. I looked on the CouchSurfing website and found this adventure guy named Ryan. I wrote him a message asking if I could stay at his place for a night. I ended up staying for several days going out rafting and having a great time.

This year I had the chance to come and say hi again and it is cool with people who feels as close as ever, even though you have not seen each other for a long time.

So this is my tribute to my dear friends in Idaho that I rarely see but still keep close to my heart.

You live a beautiful life.

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