J Bar L – Vacation Homes in Centennial Valley, Montana, USA from Jesper Anhede on Vimeo.

For those of you who like to take the road less traveled.

J Bar L Ranch (jbarl.com) vacation homes in the Centennial Valley, Montana, USA is the perfect getaway adventure for riding, hiking, fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, birding or watching wildlife.

The Centennial Valley is a place of sweeping grasslands and wetlands, embraced by the forest ragged peaks of the Centennial and Gravelly Mountains.

The Valley looks very much as it did more than a century ago. In parts of the Centennial, not so much as a power line mars the view. The cattle are moved as in the past, with the romance of the cowboys and their horses.

The Centennial stretches out just beyond the western border of Yellowstone National Park and contains critical migration routes for wildlife throughout the Northern Rockies.

It supports grizzlies, wolves, elk, deer, and the other magnificent wildlife that draws millions of visitors to Yellowstone.

The valley’s expansive wetlands are home to hundreds of bird species, and Red Rock River system is one of the last places where rare Arctic grayling survive.

Welcome to the middle of nowhere

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Filmed with Canon 5D Mark III and a Gopro 3+ on a DJI Phantom drone.

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