Behind the scenes – Pacific fishing photo

Wanderlust photo series –

After I published yesterdays photo of the split surface underwater photo I got a lot of questions about it. So here is a behind the scenes photo that will hopefully explain a little bit more of how it was taken.

Is the photo real? 

How was it taken?
My friend Mike was reeling in the fish while I took a rope around my chest and jumped into the water. My wing-man Daniel payed out the line til the fish and I was at the same distance. I took about 300 photos before I felt I was satisfied. The fish slapped me in the face a few times but I guess that was the price to pay for a nice photo. We did not stop the boat while doing this so the fish and I was in the same angle from the boat. I did not think about it at the time but, I would be a little bit more careful next time I jump into the water with a big fish on a hook, because the fish we caught after this was a 2.5 meter very angry shark.

What kind of equipment was used?
It’s taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and a underwater housing with a lens port from AquaTech.

Where was this taken?
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Rarotonga Island and Niue.

Why are you naked?
Two reasons. When sailing over the Pacific we try to keep the inside of the boat as dry as possible. Salt binds water so when we are jumping in the ocean it’s better to do it naked since it’s easier to get rid of the salt on your body than it is to get rid of it in your clothes. And the second reason is that I do not have a lot of clothes with me since I travel with camera gear, film gear, underwater camera gear and a flying camera (uas/drone). Clothes is not my first priority.

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