SS Mai Tai

Wanderlust photo series –

Being the most famous shipwreck in Rarotonga (Cook Islands), this 1892 built, 3400 tons steam ship struck the reef outside Avarua Harbour on Christmas Eve 1916.

Due to the fact that the engine block is sticking out of the water right in front of town, every single person coming to Rarotonga has at least a glimpse of this big vessel. After nearly 100 years of resting just below the surf zone, this wreck is now part of the reef. The main superstructure is still visible as well as the rudder, various boilers and of course the engine block.

The wreck is scattered over a large area and still today artefacts like old glass bottles or Ford Model-T car tyres can be found. It is the shallowest dive site on Rarotonga and can only be dived when sea conditions are extremely favourable.

Underwater photo gear from AquaTech.

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