Architecture photography of the Hermod building in Skövde, Sweden, for the client VBK.

VBK is a Consulting Engineering company in the Constructing Industry.

VBK is active within:

  • Building Design: including Structural Design, Building Technology and Building Physics.
  • Project Administration: consisting of Project Management, Construction Management and Inspections. We also have certification for control according to the Swedish Plan and Building Law (PBL).
  • Maintenance: which covers maintenance assessments, building condition assessments (BCA) and damage investigations. We aslo establish maintenance plans and action plans.

As a way to fulfill our ambition to keep up with the quick technical development in our industry we mainly choose our new employees amongst young, newly graduated engineers. At our firm, they then get to apply their knowledge on interesting and qualified project, under skilled and experienced guidance. This is an important part of a long-term plan for growth and succession within VBK.

Our costumers come from the private industry as well as the public administration, and we have assignments within the areas; Industry Construction, House Construction and Plants.

Our organization is characterized by short decision paths and a high rate of decentralization, were there is high demands on every individual to take their own responsibility.

Our Head Office is placed in Gothenburg, but we also have a Local Office in Skövde.

We are today divided in seven departments. In the Gothenburg office there are four Design departments and one Project Administration department. In the Skövde office we have one Design department. The seventh department is our Internal Administration, and that one is placed in Gothenburg too.

VBK konsulterande ingenjörer AB consists today of more then hundred employees, of which nine are partners of the firm. These are: Jan-Eje Andersson, Erik Beets, Jan Bergstrand, Anna Hallberg, Lukas Jacobsson, Ulf Kjellberg, Ola Kjellman (CEO), Peter Norrby och Jon Örn.

Architecture photography is all about buildings, monuments, interiors, and exteriors. Either the images are for the purposes of art, or to document the aesthetic of a structure.