Industrial mining video for Gupex and their installations at Zinkgruvan Mining in Sweden.

Mines in arctic and other cold regions require heating of fresh inlet air that is provided by the ventilation system. Pre-heating is typically done by direct or indirect fired mine air heat burners of natural gas or propane into the mine’s fresh air intake.

  • Corrosion resistant plastic plates
  • Dust and particle resistance due to 15mm plates gap
  • Cleaning of heat exchanger
  • Low pressure drop through the heat exchanger, only 150Pa
  • Pollution: CO2-emissions decrease in 45%
  • Economy: a pay-back investment
  • Independency: +50 years lifetime

The ventilation exhaust air from the mines is both warm and humid and therefore full of heat energy. Normally this energy-rich air is just sent to atmosphere and wasted.

Our air-to-air crossflow plate heat exchanger is a cost-effective method of recovering heat from this exhaust air and pre-heating the fresh ventilation air to the mine shaft.

Millions of BTUs per hour of heat is continuously transferring from the exhaust air to the cold inlet air, saving large amounts of gas otherwise needed by combustion heater units.

Our system heats the inlet air whenever needed whereas gas burners are only used as a top-up heating on the coldest days when there isn’t sufficient heat in the exhaust air.

  • Heat exchange with a very low freezing point
  • A 15mm gap within the plates makes it resistent to having dusted environments
  • Made of Glassfiber-reinforced polymer (GRP)
  • Resistent to acids
  • Self cleaning due to the condensation on the exchanger