WPC – World Photographic Cup 2018

Certificate of Participation

Each national organizations submission of photographs represent the highest standards of professional photographic skill and technique while conveying the visual poetry and history of the world we live in. These submissions set the photographic benchmark worldwide.

The Governing Committee of the World Photographic Cup certifies that the National Photographic Team of Sweden for the WPC 2018 has been composed by:

Team Captain: Terry Lindholm

Team Members: Mats Andersson, Jesper Anhede, John Hagby, Erik Hellquist, Johan Hellström, Bente Jönsson, David Lagerlöf, Johan Mårtensson, Malin Norlen, Jenny Puronne, Urich Schulte, Elin Stahre, Andreas Varro, Laila Villebeck, Emelie Wahlund

Jørgen Brandt
The Chairman of the WPC Judging Committee

Guiseppe Scozzi
The WPC Chief Executive Officer