Climate Smart Evolution – a book to educate & spread awareness of climate change

The Lucy Foundation presents: “Climate Smart Evolution” a book to educate and spread awareness of climate change.

My image from the Centennial Valley in Montana USA has been featured together with photos of some of my personal favorite photographers such as Steve McCurry and Brent Lewin. This is a big thing for me!

About the Book:

“The Climate Smart Evolution” is an editorial product that combines photographic art, scientific value and qualified statements provided by 80 international experts involved in the fight against climate change. The book aims to raise awareness on a number of issues, including climate emergencies, environmental sustainability, green and circular economies, energy issues, and to facilitate the dissemination of information.The photographic section presents many of the images which were part of the Addressing Climate Change Legacy exhibition for the Heads of State during COP 21.

The catalog was created thanks to the contribution of the Farmani Group, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Government and the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

The book was officially presented at the Italian Prime Minister Office in Rome in the presence of a number of politicians and representatives of European Institutions.


  1. Muhammad Fawad Noori 2018-05-29 at 06:50 - Reply

    Hi, Good day

    from where I can get this book or share link of full pdf version


    • Jesper Anhede 2018-05-29 at 17:02 - Reply

      Hello there, I do not know how to buy the book. I only got one copy myself. But if I find out I will let you know. Thanks for writing!

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