502 hectares maize in 24 hours – Experience the meaning of true planting capacity and precision. It’s me behind the camera and the editing.

Click here to see the video that has gone viral with over 450.000 views around the world. The number of views is absolutely huge for being an agriculture video.

Big thanks to Väderstad for trusting me with this assignment and planning everything so perfectly. Considering you only have one chance to get everything right and that you have to be on your toes for 24 hours straight, it was a real challenge!

502.05 hectares in 24 hours – A new world record

On April 11-12th 2017, Väderstad Tempo set a new world record for most hectares maize planted within 24 hours. By having planted 502.05 hectares with high precision and a speed over 20km/h, the high-speed planter Väderstad Tempo have proved its enormous capacity.

May 2017 – Promising emergence

Even though spring has been very dry in Hungary, the 502.05ha world record field is showing very promising emergence.

Gödöllő University has reported positive early statistics and the host farm is optimistic. Väderstad will return to the field in a couple of weeks and provide a full report of the results so far.