Located near Wirawila Lake in Yala region in the south of Sri Lanka.

Explore the rustic paradise that is Sri Lanka, as you nestle on a tree top and let nature play host to a holiday like no other. Allow yourself to be lulled into blissful rest by birdsong, or be awakened by the wind’s whispers caressing you through the emerald forest around you.

In this eco-friendly hotel in Yala, Sri Lanka, you can choose between staying in a traditional Mud Chalet or a fantastic Tree House.


Things to do

The Saraii Experience is all about leaving everything you know behind and diving head first into a new world that fills your mind and soul with a new awakening. For those who seek an off-the-beaten-path alternative to stereotypical holiday activities, Saraii offers a treasure of exciting discoveries within the locality. Whether it’s winding down to restful bliss or heightening the adrenaline, there is always a new eco-adventure awaiting exploration at the property ranked amongst Tripadvisor’s Top 10 best treetop hotels in the world.


Farmers Lunch

You have not really eaten until your taste buds have experienced the spicy local fare of traditional rice with freshly ground coconut sambol, fish curry made from the catch of the day, lentils, young jackfruit curry, and the freshest greens. This is your opportunity to taste the best of country cooking, with a sumptuous farmers banquet lunch prepared before your eyes.


Cook your catch – Breakfast by the Wirawila Lake

Set out on the scenic Weerawila Tank for an early morning fishing trip on a tradition canoe with a local fisherman. Catch your own breakfast and bring it ashore and let the fishermen cook you a delicious, fresh breakfast picnic that you can enjoy on the bund of the tank. While your meal is prepared, you can while away your time with some rod fishing or by photographing breathtaking surroundings.


Romantic dinner by the lake

Enjoy a good old sing-song with family and friends next to a dancing fire by a secluded lake, as the salivating smells of roasting corn and BBQ waft around your revelry. The guaranteed makings of a memorable dining experience.


Traditional curd making

Discover the making of Sri Lanka’s favourite dessert. Visit a village home where the experts teach you the secrets of making perfect buffalo curd. End your lesson with a delightful tasting of this popular and delicious dessert.


For more information, check out Saraii Village website, www.saraiivillage.com.

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