360 virtual reality is here and this is the next step in photography and videography.

If you are in the tourism industry, a journalist, an architect, a storyteller or just want to let your viewers really take part of where you are: Check this out.

Right now I am in Costa Rica and Nicaragua working for the Cayuga Collection, worldwide leaders in sustainable hospitality with their 5-star eco-luxury retreats. Here are some examples of their locations and activities in 360 VR. Enjoy!

360 videos uploaded to Youtube

Make sure to watch in HD and preferably in your smartphone to be able to look around in the video in a more compelling way.

360 photos uploaded to Facebook

Low quality because of Facebook’s compression of images. Preferably watch this in your smartphone to be able to look around in the photos in a more compelling way.

Do you also need to show your story, your experience or your adventure in 360 VR? Don’t be shy, drop me an email.

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