Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) announces winners of PX3 2015 photo competition.

Adventure photographer Jesper Anhede of Sweden was awarded: Third Prize in category Nature for the entry entitled, “Canoeing in the morning mist – Centennial Valley, Montana”. The jury selected PX3 2015’s winners from thousands of photography entries from over 85 countries

Jesper Anhede won a total of 6 awards; one gold, two silver and three bronze awards in Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015.

PX3 is Europe’s biggest and most prestigious photography competition.

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About the Winner

Commercial, adventure and travel photographer Jesper Anhede lives a nomadic lifestyle being on the road, in the water or up in the air on photography assignments nonstop, all year around. Based in Sweden, working worldwide.

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Photo tips for landscape photography

Always try to give the viewer perspective by including a reference like a person, a building or something that allows you to understand the vastness of the scenery.

For me as a commercial photographer who usually have the assignment to show a place from it’s best possible side, without lying or change the reality in post production. That also means I have to get up early as hell to catch the best light. If you can combine the morning light with something out of the ordinary, like fog in this example, then you have a good start for your creativity.

The photo was one of my six winning photos in the PX3 photo competition, yay! Taken on assignment for J Bar L Ranch in the Centennial Valley, Montana, USA. Last year I spent June and July there to take commercial destination photos for their vacation homes and the activities you can do in this wonderful valley.

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