Aerial video for Swedish news – Aftonbladet live webcast – Aerial video from drone – see the program – June 11, 2015

Lisa Holm has been missing since 6.30pm Sunday evening, when she sent an SMS to her parents to say that she was riding her moped home to Skövde from her job at a café in Kinnekulle. When she did not turn up her parents travelled to the cafe and found her moped and ignition parked behind the building.

People living in the county have been shocked and saddened by the disappearance, says Marthina Stäpel, a reporter at Swedish Radio’s local channel P4 Skaraborg. In an interview at 2pm on Thursday, she told Radio Sweden that listeners are desperate to help.

“The reactions have been strong, people want to help, some are desperate. The listeners we have want to know every single thing that has happened and want to know without delay. I have spoken to people who don’t know the girl or her family but ring up crying, saying, that they just can’t stop thinking about this poor girl and her family.”

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