Aerial wildlife videographer – Alone elephant in East Tsavo, Kenya

Once common throughout Africa and Asia, elephant numbers were severely depleted the 19th century, largely due to the massive ivory trade. While some populations are now stable, poaching and habitat destruction continue to threaten the species.

The largest land mammal on earth, the African elephant weighs up to eight tons. The elephant is distinguished by its massive body, large ears and a long trunk, which has many uses ranging from using it as a hand to pick up objects, as a horn to trumpet warnings, an arm raised in greeting to a hose for drinking water or bathing.

Support the conservation work of organisations like WWF and the Wildlife Conservation Society to save the elephants.


On #safari with Reef Hotel Mombasa and Shimoni Reef Lodge. The last seconds of the video is a little behind the scenes clip of me flying the #drone on top of our jeep.

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