Right now I am planning this years trip to my second home, the Centennial Valley, Montana, USA.

Here is a photo from 2012 with two behind the scenes photos added. This is when I head over heels fell in love with this place and I can not stop going back.

I am looking for some more assignments when being over there in Montana in July, so please send recommendations if anyone need kickass photos or videos.

In the photo you see my friend Bryan herding the cattle with low stress cattle management, which very simplified is about making the animals move by their own initiative to never stress them. Happy cows, happy cowboys.

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Photo tips:

Always try to compose the photo so the most important thing in the picture, in this case the cowboy, stands out from the background, from the structures and from the surrounding colors. Even though he is just very small part of the photo, he is still the one thing you see most clearly.