Ok folks, I need some help here.

I would like to make my feed on social media more interesting, so feel free to tell what you would like to see more of.

What kind of photos do you find more interesting?

  • Adventure
  • Commercial
  • Portraits
  • Travel

What else can I add to make it more interesting?

  • Behind the scenes + the final image
  • Stories
  • Personal reflections
  • Photo tips
  • Videos

If you come up with something that I have not written here feel free to share and if you have a photo/post that is your favorite please tell which one it is.

Thanks your input and thanks to my friend and colleague Pieter Ten Hoopen (check him out) for making me want to take this up a notch smile emoticon

The photo that s taken last year in Yellowstone National Park by my friend, assistant and model Carley Wernimont. You kick ass.

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