This is Shady.

Shady is 13 years old, he lives in the city of Hjo in Sweden and love to play soccer and basketball with his friends. Mathematics his the favorite class in school and when Shady grows up he wants to become an engineer or a basketball pro.

Two years ago Shady escaped from Syria to Sweden to be able to live with his uncle and his uncles family. The over three year long war in Syria has forced 3,8 million people to leave their home country. Half of them are children.

Now the Swedish Office of Immigration has decided to send Shady back. This decision go against the United Nations children’s rights declaration.

With this short text and images I hope to show that Shade is a part of the Swedish society and that media picks up this story in hope of changing the decision from the Swedish Office of Immigration.

Help Shady

Help Shady stay in Sweden. Sign the petition. It will take you 30 seconds and can change the future of a 13 year old kid.

Hjälp Shady att få stanna i Sverige där han har familj och vänner. Skriv under namninsamlingen. Det kostar dig 30 sekunder och kan avgöra framtiden för en 13-årig kille.


2015 03 12

Shady has been granted permanent Swedish citizenship in Migration Court  jml 5 kap 6 § UtlL.

A bit thank you to all who helped and wrote the petition and shared the story to media! Yay!