Commercial photographer & product photographer for Väderstad-Verken

Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Russia

I am the official company photographer & videographer for Väderstad. Most productions we do with a very small team. Usually one production leader, one driver and me. I do the photography and the videography by hand, with sliders and a drone. When we are done I do the editing together with the production leader. Small teams and rapid productions with professionally results.

This is an example of what you as a client will get when hiring me as a

  • Agriculture photographer
  • Commercial photographer
  • Corporate photographer
  • Farming photographer
  • Product photographer
  • Videographer

Typical clients for this kind of job

  • Agriculture industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Production industry

About Väderstad

Väderstad’s business idea is to supply modern agriculture with highly efficient machinery and methods. Developing machines and methods that help make farming more efficient is in Väderstad’s genes. Simply put; Farming and agriculture machines for a global market.


Below you can see the result from several photo and video sessions spanning over the years.